Our Charges

At ShoreaWord, we normally ask to view the document first and give a price quote based on how much work we need to put in.  In most instances, our charges for basic editing of non-technical texts range from 1.6 to 4 US cents per word (US$4.80 to 12.00 per page of 300 words).  For technical texts and academic texts, our editing charges range from 2.3 to 5 US cents per word (US$6.90 to 15.00 per page).

Even if you have only a very small job to get done – perhaps just a few paragraphs to check for correct grammar – we have a special arrangement for you.

FREE trial: Send your draft document to info@shoreaword.com for a FREE sample edit* and price quotation.

If you are sending an extract, please indicate the length (approx. number of words) of the full document.

*Applicable to new clients. See our Terms of Service.