Terms of service

Scope of editing and writing services offered
ShoreaWord Editorial Services (ShoreaWord) offers a service in English language editing of texts supplied by the client.  Both academic documents (e.g. academic journal manuscripts, theses) and non-academic documents (e.g. advertisements, brochures, manuals, website contents) are accepted.  The client’s document is checked by at least two editors for grammatically correct English usage and, where appropriate, re-structured for good language flow.  ShoreaWord also offers a service in original copywriting for commercial use (e.g. in advertisements, webpages, etc.).  This writing service is not extended to students’ written assignments.

Accuracy of the completed work
The client shall be responsible for the factual and technical accuracy of the submitted material.  ShoreaWord shall exercise all due care in editing and preparing the material requested by the client.  The client shall check the completed work for correctness and accuracy for which the client shall take full responsibility.  The client shall hold ShoreaWord and its personnel harmless from any loss, claim, damage or liability of any kind, which may arise from or in connection with the correctness and accuracy of the edited document or of an original document written for the client.

Editor’s technical comments
Technical remarks that are occasionally made by the Editor in relation to the edited work lie outside of the scope of the language-editing service provided by ShoreaWord.  The client acts on such remarks as he or she sees fit.  ShoreaWord shall not be responsible for the Editor’s comments that are not directly related to English grammar and writing.

Document file and format
Documents are normally received from, and returned to clients as Microsoft Word computer files.  In returning the completed work to the client, ShoreaWord shall make reasonable effort to retain the document formatting and the appearance of the text and the non-text contents (including but not limited to graphics, tables, formulae, symbols) in their original form.  In rare cases, however, the document formatting and certain non-text contents may be unavoidably altered in the course of editing.  ShoreaWord shall not be responsible for such changes that may occur.

Copyright and ownership of the completed work
The copyright to any document sent by the client shall remain with the document’s legal copyright holder.  In working on the client’s document, ShoreaWord operates on the understanding that the client is either the copyright holder or is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder.  ShoreaWord shall make no claim on ownership or copyright of the edited version of the document or of an original document written for the client. .

Plagiarism in the original document received
In carrying out editing work, ShoreaWord does not check if the original document submitted by the client is free of plagiarism. The onus of ascertaining that the original document is free of plagiarism shall rest with the client.

Any original writing or edited work executed by ShoreaWord for the client, and any document submitted to ShoreaWord by the client for editing shall be held in confidence.  ShoreaWord shall not divulge the client’s identity or contents of such documents to a third party.  ShoreaWord may, however, divulge the client’s identity to the client’s Financial Department for accounting and auditing purposes unless advised otherwise by the client.

Free trial offer
ShoreaWord may, from time to time, hold promotions to edit a small segment of the client’s document without charge.  The offer serves as a trial for new clients to evaluate the quality of work from ShoreaWord. This offer is, however, not extended to existing clients.

Client’s acceptance of the terms of service
In proceeding with the acquisition of service from ShoreaWord on the first and on subsequent occasions, the client agrees to the foregoing terms of service.